Nancy Chinchar

Luxury Travel Advisor

Nancy’s parents cherished the joy of road trips - traveling with her to over 40 states before she completed high school. Her first plane ride came just 3 years later when she moved to England to spend a year abroad with 12 weeks of European exploration. Following that, at every step in her career, she found a way to combine it with travel - teaching in Maadi or Cambridge, managing trainings in Toronto, establishing new outposts for an early social media company in Sydney and London. Eventually, she started her own business in Manhattan, but on the side, she planned travel for her family, friends, their friends, and a smattering of clients. Once again, feeling that wanderlust, she sold her business to focus solely on what was there all along: Travel.

Nancy’s favourite escapes are sophisticated adventure trips with her husband and children - seamlessly blending cosmopolitan charm with untamed exploration. Her idea of nirvana is a few days of art and culture in a vibrant city followed by venturing into the jungle or diving near a secluded beach. With a genuine love for vicarious travel, Nancy finds joy in living through her clients' adventures, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted to leave her clients with memories they will return to again and again.

travel passions

Family Travel, Adventure Travel, Off the Beaten Path, Wildlife, Diving, Street Art and Galleries, Cocktails

where i call home

New York City, USA

favourite places

New York and London, Central America, Iceland, and all the places on my not yet list....

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